Thursday, May 9, 2019

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The ever changing internet has made it so much easier to get my items directly in one place.

So many men ask for photos and over the years I have sold thousands of personalized photo sets.
So fellas here is a simple breakdown
Get your own personalized photo,video with your greeting
Sent to your DM choose your greeting tip me the amount and I will do the rest.

$5.00 selfie with your greeting with all my cloths on
$10 famous booty photo
$20 big boobie photo
$40 video with your personalized greeting
$50 video topless with your personalized greeting
$100 solo toy video with your greeting.
$300 video with one of my handsome fellas
$500 pic an outfit play director

But if you wish to own copies and or merchandise.  Here is where  you can buy from my store.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Stunning Summer's Financial Domme Site Is Open

I  have been in the adult entertainment since 2004.
I was dabbling in muscle fetish and mixed wrestling since 2003.

My history in the muscle fetish goes back to guys I knew in the gym I was working in . It was 2003 I was going through a divorce. I was approached by several guys on many ocatiions if I would be open to trappling sessions and muscle worship.
One thing lead to another and of course I began shooting custom videos back then on mini dvd and vhs.
In fact I had to purchase vhs tapes to be well prepared to do good videos and not just attempt to do half asses videos. Back then I was getting $1500 for each video .

I began shooting magazine spread in 2004 my first shoot was over 40 magazine, Many more  still shoots followed including some photos that appeared in galleries for erotic art.

Now here it is 2019 and now the painful decision regarding my wrestling career. I am due for a hip replacement surgery. I will not be able to wrestle after my surgery.
So while this is February 2019. I have a few months left to wrestle before I have my procedure.

This post is here for a couple reasons. One to give notice to my fans this is the time to book wrestling sessions with me.
The second reason is to let you the fans know. I will most likely need to do a gofundme at some point.
I do have insurance but many co pays and expence that won't be covered. The worst part of this is  I will not be able to work for the three or 4 months following surgery.

Now the issue with surgery. I must have all dental taken care of before surgery due to  the fact . I can not have any infections after having the hip replaced.

I would prefer to visit with as many fans and wrestling fans before my surgery then to resort to donations.
As a self employed trainer and model and actress. My work expenses are double as  home and monthly work bills will not stop coming while I am not working.

I also have a pay pig financial dome site.
All tips and donations to my sites are gladly accepted.